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Originally Posted by GaGlock01 View Post
What's the first rule of concealed carry? if you do your job properly no one will ever know unless you go through security.

I don't remember what happened to that, I know they were trying to pass it sometime ago, but I think for some reason it did NOT go through. I believe the airport officials found a way to to stop it from passing.

But then I got back to my first question, what's the first rule of concealed carry, concealment.

I believe this to be true.. The city nor the state make the security laws concerning ANY airport. I believe ALL air ports are under Federal law, in the US., Homeland Security.

So no. Carrying on federal property is NOT allowed, nor allowed at ANY airport.

Some of us open carry from time to time.

When carrying openly that rule obviously does not apply.

And you would be amazed at how good some people are at spotting those who are carrying a firearm. Sure, if you carry a little .25 or P3AT in a smartcarry under jeans and an untucked shirt they almost surely will never know unless you get scanned...but if you carry a firearm of reasonable size in an accessible location it is possible for you to be "made" in the right circumstances by a knowledgeable and experienced observer.
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