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S&W Model 58

Hi! I just got a Model 58, 4" chromed. Seems to be in great condition; less than .005" between wheel/barrel. Shot a few rounds through it today and am very happy with it. Don't know date of manufacture, or if it even matters, but the Serial # on it is 505xx.
What I need is a holster recomendation. I've been looking, both online and at a gun show, but haven't been able to find the right one. Here's what I'm looking for: GOOD RETENTION and ZERO/LOW NOISE while unsnapping thumb strap (if it has one). Color, material, etc., are of little consequence. It would be used exclusively for hunting, so conceilability also doesn't matter.
Now, from what I understand, this is a 'beefed-up' N-Frame, so maybe a holster for a regular N-Frame will not work?

So, any Model 58 owners around who can help me here?

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