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Neil Diamond

Sweet Caroline

We had an awesome "date night" tonight!

At LEAST every other Saturday night is a standing date night for us. A dear friend and co-worker of mine ( our music teacher and her hubby...she's a former "hot red mama" from Rosie O'Grady's in downtown Orlando) perform at a restaurant in our (my hubby's) hometown.

We've lived here for "many years" now. I have worked here in my field and in the school district for a long time now; my family had a business here years ago, and my sister and her family have lived here since my parents bought the busines years ago.

SO, we know many people in the area.

LONG story to short, tonight, we ran into several people that we have known for many years.

We ran into my sister's best friends, and photographers of my oldest daughter's wedding. We haven't seen them since we purchased the pictures!

It's so nice to still live in an area where there is still a small town flavor....though it is quickly fading.

She kept hugging me, saying ....."I love love love you, Karen!" There is nothing like friends that have been friends for years and years!!!

EVERY time we go, we run into old friends like this! It's wonderful!!!

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