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Originally Posted by MinervaDoe View Post
The original hinged pin that holds my Mark II together was too tight and made it a real wrestling match to take apart. The pin eventually broke and Ruger replaced it for free, but by then, my habits were set.

Can anybody explain the difference between a MKII and a MKIII?

I think the differences are that the Mark III has a loaded chanber indicator, an internal safety lock, and will not fire with the magazine out of the gun.

I stripped my new gun prior to firing and the hinged pin was very tight but I got it out with a wooden dowel and a pecking hammer. After working with it a few times it loosened up a little. I could not get the barrel off the frame, at least not by applying an amount of force I thought safe without risking damage, so I just left it on and went shooting. A few hundred rounds should loosen things up.

I have learned the value of "RTFM" through dealling with these guns.
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