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Originally Posted by Ajon412 View Post
Here's my contribution:

I have the following duty related items that are designed to fit a 2.25” duty belt:

(2) Safariland model 77 double mag pouch for S&W model 59. Will also fit Beretta 92 and Sig P-226. Both in excellent condition. (1) w/chrome snaps and (1) w/brass snaps. Plain / black finish.

(2) JayPee single handcuff pouch for chained handcuffs with brass snaps. Good condition with wear marks on front of case.

(1) Bianchi AccuMold Elite Model 7927 Rail Light Pouch for Streamlight M3/M5. Black, plain finish, hidden snap. Brand new in package.

PM or reply if interested. Thanks......
The double cuff case is on it's way to Magicmanmb
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