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300AAC brass
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I sure hope I can reload it, since I've got 10,000 pieces of it looking up at me from the storage bin...

It's true that the nickel doesn't last as long, and the nickel does flake off eventually, but I got such a good price on this stuff, that I couldn't pass it by... If I ever go through it all, I'll replace it with brass-colored brass.

I will say that there was SOME R-P brass that did not work well. I have a couple hundred rounds of it that I've consistently gotten mis-fires out of. It is easily idetified by the 45ACP size headstamp on it (the top half of the letters "R" and "P" and the bottom 1/3 of the "10mm Auto" marking is gone, because the case's rim wasn't as wide as the headstamp die). Those I would avoid, but those were like the first couple lots of 10mm brass that Remington made back in the 80s, so it should be pretty rare nowadays.
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