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Lasik and Red Dots

Looking for some suggestions:

A little background.....I had Lasik, done about 10+ years ago and its been an awesome life changing experience. As much as I love it, and still do not regret the decision to go with it, it has skewed my eyesight a little bit. I get halos and flares from light sources which are really pronounced at night. I really didn't mind it at first. When I drive at night it can be like a playing a video game. However when I started shopping for for a Red Dot to mount onto a handgun slide, I noticed that I get some halos and flares on the dot. A 8 moa dot has a pretty big halo. It reminds me of an eotech's 65 moa ring on their reticles. Its a halo so its not nearly as bright or defined, nor is it constant (its constantly changing size/shape). I noticed that the 4 moa halo is much less pronounced but is still distracting.

What I'd like are some suggestions for some high quality red dots with 1 or 2 moa dots that are handgun mountable for 100+ yards. I haven't found anything that would fit the bill. What would you suggest?
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