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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
I went back to a straight stick a few months ago and I noticed the same trend when I see other cops around the streets. It seems like people are realizing the ASP, while handy, does not have the same effect as a solid stick.
My wife has decided on the design and wood and will be calling the guy@ on Monday or Tuesday. Since she's originally from New Jersey I have a feeling it will be one of those designs. What's funny is State Constables just got approved to carry and train w the Cold Steel Kogas. There is nothing like good old fashioned police wood to take the fight out of someone. I have bent 2 ASP airweights on the last couple of years and that was just training them for use on a heavy bag. One of the Tacticooollll guys wants PR-24 certification. I know every department has one of these has more lights, bells and whistles on his patrol rifle than he does ammo. If he can pass the test He can carry but since I'm one of the few that kept up certification when they all decided ASPs were the greatest less lethal. He has to come up with 14 more told him it wasn't worth my time for less tha
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