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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
Seeing how your gun is comp'ed you could be experiencing the affects of the comp working...14.2 of Hogdon H110 for 115grain bullet and 14.0 of H110 for 125grain bullets is what Mike McNett had originally recomended for the 9x25...
9X25 Dillon June 27, 2009 test
S&W 1006 5.00" with Bar-Sto barrel w/22# Wolff Recoil Spring
Temps 99
Zero 121.0 gr HP 0.356” 1.255”
H-110 14.4 gr CCI 350
Velocity 1280-1335 fps
Primers flatten some, little smear

How did the brass and primers look?
What about ejection?
I made a different comp for my 9x25 as i wanted something designed just for the 9x25. the funny thing is with the long shot loads the brass would eject just fine but with the VV N110 loads it would not even pull the brass from the chamber. i would have to manually cycle the slide. I'm guessing i need to use something like my 11lb spring to get it to cycle. I know the comp is working very efficient now. i mean zero muzzle rise is sweet. the primers looked great. i used WLR primers as that's what i had on hand but according to the load data i looked at thy said to use rifle primers. but the primers looked like new with a strike mark in them.

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