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I've got the following stuff available. It is all in very good or excellent/like new condition. If you need it, it's yours. I'm in need of basketweave stuff if you want to trade. Times are tight for everyone, so if you would be willing to reimburse the cost of shipping, I would appreciate it.

1 - G&G Clarino/nickel 2.25-inch 4-row stitch duty belt, size 42 (2505).

2 - G&G Clarino/nickel MKIII OC case (H681-3CL).

3 - G&G Clarino/nickel open-top cuff case with snap (H86CL).

4 - G&G Clarino/nickel double mag pouch for Glock 17/19/22/23, etc. (H627-7).

5 - G&G plain black/nickel handcuff case (B71) with one new plain black/nickel belt keeper.
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