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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
Lee Classic Turret. (LCT)
This is the press I started with and itís a great first press. Itís considered an ďauto indexing turretĒ press. You have to pull the handle 4 times to get one completed round. Lee is the only maker who does this type of press. Itís a lot faster then a normal turret and cheaper on top of it all. You can expect to load about 200rds an hour once you get in the groove. You can get a nice LCT kit from Be aware that others sell a kit but the kit includes the dreaded Lee Scale. Avoid them. Kempfís kit includes:
ē Lee Classic Turret Press
ē Lee Deluxe 4-Die Set for the pistol caliber of your choice. (3 Die set in 380)
ē Lee Auto Disk Powder Measure
ē Lee Safety Prime System (Large or Small)
ē Lee Auto Disk Riser (Required for the Safety Prime System)
ē Six MTM 50 round Plastic Ammo Boxes
I recommend you upgrade the kit to the Pro Auto Disc Powder Measure. Not only does it give you the better powder measure but you also get the Large and Small primer setup. Itís worth it for the powder measure alone. With this kit you do not need a primer turning tray. The Auto Disc powder measure does not have the ability to adjust powder to very small increments like most measures. You simply change ďdiscsĒ with different size holes to get the charge you want. This gets you pretty close and it works fine. You can add an adjustable charge bar but it does not work well with small charges and some powders. I stopped using mine with TiteGroup and 9mm. Loading larger throws of powder in a .44mag may have been fine. I donít know, never tried. People say it works better with larger volume charges. Lee even warns you about this on their instructions. The priming system is workable. Some people have had to add a washer under the primer mounting location to get it 100% dialed in. Most people donít have any trouble doing this slight mod. The LCT is a great, low cost, relatively quick entry into reloading. Once you get it dialed in itís amazing how much ammo it can make. Caliber changes are so easy itís unbelievable. You can also easily disable the auto-indexing and convert it to a single stage press. Itís brilliant in its simplicity and function.
Recommended Setup:
Kempfs LCT kit with the Pro Powder measure, Lee 4 Die set, scale, dial calipers and Tumbler.
thank you for the very helpful write up, this is the press kit i am considering getting as my first press, whay do you recomend the Kempf Kit over the standard lee kit sold by everone else? what are the advantages? you mentioned something about the lee scale, what is so bad about it? in reading the description it seems like the kempf kit doesnt even come with a scale.

thank you again for the great write up
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