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Originally Posted by IndyGunFreak View Post
I'm not C4W, but I'll give you what will likely be his response...

1. The "Standard Lee Kit" does not include the Lee Classic Turret, it includes the "Lee Turret Press" There is a huge difference in the quality of the two, mostly because of the difference in materials from which they are made. The "Lee Turret" is mostly made of Aluminum I do believe, while the Classic Turret, is made of cast iron. The way the "Classic Turret" handles spent primers, is also FAR superior to how the regular Turret press handles spent primers.

Lee Turret Press
Lee Classic Turret

2. The Lee Turret Press kit (that Lee sells), comes w/ the Lee beam scale. This scale is possibly one of the most frustrating pieces of equipment you will ever use. Some folks use it and love it, most folks use it and threw it out the window..

3. The Powder measure w/ the "Lee Kit"... while not absolutely horrible, the cheap upgrade to the "Auto Disk Pro" w/ the Kempf kit, is well worth it. I'd also just go ahead and get the additional primer size, as very few of us only load one primer size, and it's only another $8 (FWIW, if you don't upgrade the powder measure on the Kempf kit, you get the same powder measure that comes with the Lee kit).

Edit: 4. I just realized the Lee kit, does not come with dies, where the Kempf kit does.

If you're really looking to get a Lee Turret press, save yourself a lot of headache and follow C4W's advice to the letter. Get the Kempf kit, then add the Dillon Beam Scale...

You'll be thankful for the sage advice he provided if you ever have the opportunity to try the "Lee Turret press and Lee Scale" vs what he has suggested.
that was extremely helpful thank you
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