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Originally Posted by one73maro View Post
Ok guys I need some help here. I have one of Mr.Grahams MGSL's but I cannot figure out how to get the stock SL out to put in the new one. If someone could pass along a little direction I would appreciate it. My little friend would also (G27)
I used a golf tee to press the spring down. Thumb and forefinger holding the sides of the gun and the palm pressing down on the tee. Take the new MGSL and push out the old old from one side, leaving the new one centered. Remove tee. Very easy.

I tested mine today but haven't looked at the targets as yet. I started the day with 3 targets for later comparison at the start of break-in. I then put about 180 rounds through my 34 shooting at steel and shot 3 targets from a rest to see how much they differed from the first 3. I want to run the targets through OnTarget when I get time. Rough guesstimate...I see some improvement. I'll test it again at 250 and 300. I know there is a break-in period of upwards of 200 rounds. I'll reserve judgement until I get to 400-500 rounds and I have more data.
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