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Yes, all 10 still attached to my palm beside that I always wear kevlar or spectra gloves when shooting 10mm, so as long as I do that, Murphy protects me against and of course, I type with 2 fingers only
You can find my post 1 page back in this thread. N105: 10 -11gr , Winchester JHP 180gr, CCI 300 LP, Glock 20 stock barrel. I reached 1200 fps at approx. 10.7gr at 10C (50F).
Presuming that jacketed bullet has some more friction than softer plated I can say you will touch 1200fps/180gr at approx. 10.4gr .
Anyway, start at 9.4 and rise with 0.2 gr steps and observe brass after every shot, check for smiley and extreme primer flattening. If it shows up STOP! and go at least 1 step down. That should be max for YOUR gun and YOUR barrel at THIS temperature and with CLEAN barrel.
Anyway, I strongly recommend to change stock recoil spring, get something stronger e.g. DPM 3-spring system. I am very happy with DPM.
Few months ago I changed barrel as well and I'm more than happy with IGB barrel with full supported chamber. Not only full case support, it's ballistics is better (less friction) and classic rifling works fine with soft plated bullets or hard cast as well. Anyway I always shoot hard cast b. at last, never switch back to plated or FMJ that day on the range.
P.S.: Like yours, mine first 10mm rounds were Remington 180gr UMC and I overpaid them as you did, but this is Europe Now I reload my own pet rounds and I'm trying to get rid of rest UMC's for some decent price but seems that 10mm handguns are very very rare in Slovenia. In Austria you can buy 10mm ammo from Prvi partizan, Serbia - PPU stamp. Don't buy it! It's worthless, it's a weak .40SW in 10mm package, it's a shame for factory with not so bad reputation in other calibers.
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