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Well after some close inspection of the Feb. testing, I liked what I expansion was within reason and I decided to tweak things just a little...So I sat down and loaded the following...

Cartridge 9X25 Dillon I have 500 of Double Tap's brand new brass to mess with and 70 or so once fired DT's...
ZERO 121 grain 0.356” JHP (these are the 38Super bullets with good copper jacket) Originally I purchased a 1000 of these bullets for this project. The hollow point nose and construction of this bullet is why I choose this one inparticular. It's 0.356" dia. and long bearing surface makes for very hard hitting and accurate shooting.
Again Loaded with 10.5 grains of Hodgdon’s LongShot powder, hand weighed for match quality.
I had some Winchester Large Pistol Primers so I used those this time.
I adjusted the COAL to 1.250" although I didn't have any proplems at 1.260" I feel this along with a slight increase in crimp will help even things out over all.

While I could probably drive these a little faster, I like the balance of the performance keeping the longevity of pistol life within reason, not to mention shooter safety. If I ever get a 6" barreled gun the performance will be better still.

I am looking at doing some testing with a few speciality bullets if and when I get them.

Thanks for all the data & help you guys have posted here as it keeps us safe!
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