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Originally Posted by Last Rites View Post
Anyone know if the 20 will be made in Gen 4?

Found my answer...
Quoted from Western Shooter Blog Archive;

"As of right now, February 2010, the Glock GEN 4 is only available in the G22 and G17. The G22 is chambered in .40 S&W and is considered a “standard” size Glock. The G17 is chambered in 9mm (9×19mm) and is also considered “standard” size. Glock is planning on releasing the GEN 4 in all of their models. As far as time frame goes, they will release the G19 and G23 this fall. The next models have yet to be determined and I was told their release will be based on demand."

Would it be stupid to assume that it could be up to a year, and possibly even longer before I even see a Glock 20 (10mm) released in Gen 4? Or am I just being a pessimistic whiny little b****? I would love to buy a Gen 4 20 today, but the gosh darn thing doesn't sound very promising for my immediate future.

Any updates as to when Glock may be coming out with the 20/29 in Gen4?
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