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We had a sworn officer at our station a few years ago who, when he was dealing with prisoner's property, was suspected of stealing money.

One day while walking the beat, a 'member of the public' handed him a 'found' wallet with $120 inside.

A week later, after the wallet hadn't been placed in the property store, a search warrant warrant was executed on his home and car. The empty wallet was found in his car.

During the search of his house a credit card was found. He had stolen it, along with another wallet, from a house when he had attended a domestic incident!

Even in Court he claimed he found the wallet in his back yard and said it must have been thrown there from the walkway behind his house. Miles from the place it was stolen from in another part of the city.

He could not explain subsequent attempts to use it though.

His mug shot shows him in a uniform shirt with shoulder patches, minus the epaulettes.

Procedures for dealing with prisoner's cash were changed a little bit after that.

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