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I get bullets mostly from Germany, no problem to send them via post within European Union. Look at, there are some retailers with good offer of different 10mm bullets. The last shipments of brass and bullets were from (Germany) and (Luxemburg) both are recommended sellers IMO.
A retailer Artek from Slovenia where I buy bullets too says he buys mostly from:

An IGB full supported barrel is not only because of full power loads, it significantly saves your brass as well. I paid for mine 240€ plus 30€ for extra barrel license, but I don't regret a single cent for it - highly recommended.
Anyway, if you are good with .44 magnum Redhawk (I'm not) you don't have to be afraid of boars or bears in woods.
1€ = 1.37$ at this moment (info for our US 10mm friends)
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