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Isaiah 53:4-9
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Originally Posted by Peace Frog View Post
We should round up all muslims in the US just like we did the Japanese.
But the difference should be that all muslims be sent to Chelyabinsk and fed only pork.
The Japanese were loyal and wanted to fight for America.Then after the war they didn't go crying to anybody wanting reparations for being in camps.Look at those crybaby ****ing muslims crying about a little abuse they deserved in prison,that's if it really happened...which I doubt.

But of course it will never happen,the US and the bleeding heart liberals will continue to say that islam is a peaceful religion and they will one day rule this land too.


Wow, this is a really dumb statement. Once you decide you are going to violate the civil rights of a group because of their religious belief system, you open the door to have it done to you, and anyone else who may not be "popular" at the time. The Bill of Rights exists for a reason, apparenlty in this case, to protect others from people like you.
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