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I posted this info in the reloading section in an effort to provide some specs for the bullets...
I had wrote Barnes about acquiring a few samples of the bullets listed below to study their physical characteristics, because I knew that the solid copper bullets where longer that the lead core counter parts...Below is the measured data of the samples received. I must commend Barnes Bullets and thank them for these very nice bullets...

Barnes Bullets (samples)

TAC-XP FB 140 grain pn# 40005 10mm/40S&W 0.400”
Total Length 0.680” Dia. 0.400” (Hornady 200XTP has Total Length 0.680”)
(While not the same weight they are same length)
Nose Outside Dia. @ HP 0.295”
Nose Inside Dia. @ HP 0.220”
Hollow Cavity Depth 0.380”

TAC-XP FB 125 grain pn# 35503 357SIG 0.355”
Total Length 0.720” Dia. 0.355” (ZERO 121 grain JHP has Total Length 0.550”)
(Difference in length = 0.170”)
Nose Outside Dia. @ HP 0.224”
Nose Inside Dia. @ HP 0.180”
Hollow Cavity Depth 0.303”

After I do my load test I repost here...
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