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Originally Posted by pistolpete10mm View Post
Thanks for the info Robert. A friend of mine has planned to drive to Luxembourg in a few weeks and will bring me 1000 bullets of Fiocchi TMJ 170 grains, those will do well with the 1250 up to 1300 fps loads I plan to shoot on occasion.

However, my target load for now is the 180 grain Berry plated bullet with 9,5 grains of Vihtavuori N105. 9,7 grains works fine also, but at 10 grains accuracy starts to fade. I have reloaded my Starline cases for the 10th time now and they are all looking good. Of course, 9,5 grains of VV N105 is more like a .40S&W +P load. I don't know the exact velocity, but cases fly about 8 feet, so it is basically an "in between" load.

Haven't seen any bears here in the Belgian woods, guess someone with a 10mm beat me to it
With 10gr N105 and Winchester JHP 180gr I reached 1128fps in G20 stock barrel. Those plated Berry's bullets have probably a bit less friction so I guess you are getting approx. 50fps more. With good FMJ 170gr bullets you should be accurate even at 1300 fps.
If you plan to shoot real power 10mm loads I recommend the same 3-spring recoil system as mine is: DPM. Recoil will be significantly more controllable and you will get better accuracy as well.
Anyway, at 170gr/1300fps your brass will suffer in G20 stock barrel, smileys and bulging are about to appear. Be careful and don't reuse such tortured brass again. Brass is still cheaper than fingers
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