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Originally Posted by Peace Frog View Post
Not the same.
The Bible does not teach one to kill non believers if they do not convert.
The koran does.That's a world of difference.
islam is a danger to everybody who does not convert.
The documentary explains it very well.Interviews some former muslim terrorists who do a excellent job of explaining.
No some just take it as an implication outside the bible
like every text up for interpretation, some see it as a nessesity for war, others missionary activity like alot of religions. english to arabic can be confusing.
I donít know your read the bible and thatís some pretty fíd up stuff to they think people should/must do. both religions, sorry all religions, have groups and past incidents that are less then pleasant, crusades, inquisitions, jihads, pogams, ect ect . I donít think its anymore accurate to judge an entire religion by a few nuts that take it too far then it is to judge gun owners based on the acts of a few that commit crimes with guns. The reality is that fundamentalism and literalism in religion, any religion, does not belong in the modern state
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