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Remora Holster Review/Purchasing Experience

I first heard about Remora Holsters on a firearms podcast I listen to regularly, and thought the idea of a clip-less holster very intriguing. Several weeks ago I purchased one after having listened to and reading several more positive reviews. I purchased a model 6ART for my Glock 27. I received it on a Saturday, within a week of ordering it. After working with it for the day in different strong side positions and cants, I realized that I couldn't draw the pistol without the holster coming out with it. It seemed that the holster was covering too much of the grip frame. As I gripped the gun, my index finger inevitably pinched just a bit of the holster material between the frame and my index finger. This caused enough friction on the grippy material to bring the holster with the gun. I found that particularly odd seeing as I had order an "ART" model which was supposed to be cut to better allow access to the pistol's grip.

That very evening I used the "Contact Us" feature on the Remora Holsters website to inform them of the issue I was having, and what I thought the cause was. I inquired as to how I could verify I received the right product, and if they would be willing to exchange my holster for a smaller model that exposed more of my pistol's grip frame.

Within less than two hours, I had an email reply from the Owner of the company, Alan Bogdan:

"Thank you for purchasing a REMORA holster....You can look inside the top of the holster it should be written there what series and style you have.....If it is the 6 ART that would be the lowest profile holster we make as a stock holster...this is really the first problem with un-holstering of this style and series we have received any feedback on ....How ever un-holstering is of the most importance.... I will do a custom holster lowering the profile by the grip giving you a little more access to the grip.....I will ship the holster out next week at no charge....Keep the existing holster maybe you have a friend with a different gun that the holster may accommodate... Thank you again for choosing REMORA

Keep Safe !!"

When I read this message, I was astounded at the level of customer service he was willing to provide. Not only did he take the time to address my issue right away (and on a Sunday), but he offered me a brand new custom holster to boot at no charge.

After that, Alan and I exchanged a couple of emails with pictures and a video demonstrating the specifics of my issue with the holster. Within just a few days, I had a brand new custom holster specifically tailored to fit my gun, a Remora Holsters gun mat, and a hand written note. He even upgraded my new holster to a reinforced top model.

Having used the holster for a few weeks now, I couldn't be more pleased. It's comfortable, retains my gun well without slowing down my draw, and it disappears in any waistband. I can even substantiate the claims that it will hold in place in sweats with just a cinched up drawstring.

I would have no reservations in recommending a Remora holster to anyone looking for a top-notch concealment holster, with top-notch customer service behind it. Their products are innovative, quality built, and company ownership goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients.

Link to the Remora Holsters website:

Link to the Remora Holsters "Reviews" page containing other reviews, photos, and some very compelling videos on the holsters retention abilities.

Link to "Average Joe's Handgun Reviews", the first review I encountered when I began researching these holsters.

Link to "The Gun Nation Podcast" episode # 28 where I first heard about Remora Holsters.
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