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Another Jumpsuit Thread...

Since I'm having trouble finding the old jumpsuit threads, I'll have to start a new one.

My current issue of uniforms are on their last legs. They have made it approximately 27 months, which is all the more I ever expected out of them. Right now they are serviceable, but within a couple of months, they're going to fall apart. BTDT.

I got permission (gasp!) to go the Bratwear jumpsuit route. I have emailed Bratwear a handful of questions but wanted to get some non-corporate opinions:

1) How long do these things last? I can get two jumpsuits for about $100 more than three standard sets of uniforms. They would be worn for one twelve hour shift and washed. I will NOT do more than one day without washing. Period.

2) What kind of lead times should I expect? Threads on other forums seem to indicate between a few weeks and a few months.

3) Any tips, tricks, hints, or suggestions for placing an order?
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