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I wear Bratwear and have done so for nearly 7 years, full-time.

1) Your jumpsuits, with normal wear and tear, will easily last you three years. I rotate mine every two year (buying a new one, that is) due to summer sweats, blackberry snags, etc. I've had shoulder patches wear out before the jumpsuit did.

2) Jumpsuits are about 2-5 months right now, depending on order volumes, the extras you want, etc. My last suit, ordered last fall, was to me in about one month. And that was with the rep driving up to remeasure (ahem! coughfatsocough) again. New vest, yeah, that's it! Order with a longer crotch area. Helps out immensely when you are doing some dynamic movements, climbing, etc.

3) You can literally customize the jumpsuit anyway you want. For example, My jumpsuit has a "mandarin style" (ala ACU shirt collar) throat, zippered underarms, TASER pocket, dual pen pockets, pockets at the knees for my gloves and VPOK, etc. The additions add to the cost but some are definitely worth it. The zip off sleeves are standard but worth it.

4) In my environment up here, I find the summer weight to be just fine. If colder, I can layer underneath. The winter weight is great for Alaska and the high winter Rockies, bit much for everywhere else.

5) Bratwear is an outstanding company. They really stand behind their product. I sent in a jumpsuit to have a tab added to the front for the new body worn camera. Tab added and sent back at no cost and within a week (pays to be about 45 mins away, though).

If you have any other questions, PM me I can send you some other information or photos.
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