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Originally Posted by lndshark View Post
What justification did the higher-up's ask for when you approached them?
I just asked and was told to go ahead. It's more of a curse than a blessing, because such an approach does not apply just to uniforms.

Originally Posted by CGMK View Post
bigBR, I have a black Ackerman jumpsuit that is almost new; I've never used it for duty because I already had one that I was using. A deputy that came out of detectives found that it shrank during his assignment away from patrol.

If your around 5'8" and UNDER 150lbs I'll let you have it for keeps. The back retractable panel is marked SHERIFF. You have first dibs, then it's going to the sticky pass along gear thread.
I haven't been under one-fitty since I was in junior high school. I appreciate the offer, though.
"Logic is rarely the engine that propels a police department forward."

-David Simon in "Homicide"
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