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I did the math and my regular class B uniforms run $179.97 before shipping, tailoring, and patch application. I figured that it rounds out to about $200 per set, which would include pants, short sleeve shirt, and long sleeve shirt. We wear a black uniform, and I am yet to find a single uniform with cotton blend (which is becoming more common) that does not fade. We use the 5.11 TDU pants for our class "C" (bike patrol originally, but basically a "soft" uniform with a yellow polo) and they fade gray fairly quickly.

The Bratwear stuff is completely custom cut to the user based upon measurements provided to the company. The quantity, size, and position of pockets is dictated by the end user. The one piece design eliminates some of the bunching at the waist from having the pants waistband, shirt, undershirt, vest tails, etc all together. The material is supposed to be 100% wash and wear and highly resistant to fading.
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