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I like 8s for days and swings isn't too bad but graves sucks because you only get one full day off. 8s are also nice so that if you get off on time you have plenty of time to go to the gym, hang out with family, etc. 8s suck thought if you have a job where there is a ton of OT at the end of the day because going home time is during the busy time. When we were short a year ago the city wanted us to work 8s but I knew if we ended days at 3 and swings started at 3 we were going to get boned on days.

I once worked 12s before I started at my PD. They sucked because I had at least a 30 minute commute to work. With traffic it was closer to an hour. I pretty much had no life when I worked. Time off was cool but like 8s your PD better have a good overlap. My wife is in nursing school and doing 12.5 hour shifts that turn into 13 hour shifts fast. Throw in a 1 to 1.25 hour commute and I see her for a less than 2 hours a day and most of that is with her getting ready for bed or work. Now she has a lot of time off but on those days she is working she is MIA.

Right now at our PD we have a guy who is trying to pitch 11 hour shift where it works like the Pittman with 4on/4off, 3on/4off. The only difference is we have to work a couple of training days a year to make up the time. The theory is that we wil have 4 shifts in stead of our usual 3 on the 4/10 plan. It sounds okay but if the city understaffs the shift bridging days and swings it is going to suck to be days. 11 hour days will turn into 13 hour days fast since we go call to call to call days from 1100 on.
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