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Another factor is when the shifts start and stop. If you are working nights (1900-0700), and you need to file charges then waiting for 0800 to come sucks. If you are the early car and get off at 0600 it really sucks. Waiting around for court at 1000, and then having to report back at 1900 sucks. Trying to spend time with the family essentially means you will be taking a flight from New york to Hawaii every two days which did nothing positive for my health.

Now that I am working days, I like it. If we go back to 8's, in order to see my kids I have to have weekends off, which means I will have to go to afternoons. Going to afternoons means I will only see my girlfriend (a teacher) when I am on vacation, or on a personal day.

Another issue that may become a factor is staffing. If your agency runs as short as we do, then if somebody needs to be ordered over then you will only be able to hold them for 4 hours... then what to do for the next 8 hours?
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