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We are looking into 12s at my jail, but I have some reservations about it. 12.5 hrs is a long time to be locked up with turds, and we don't have any kind of breaking system at my work. You are working from the second you step in, until you leave. I think it would get very mentally exhausting.

The only 12hr shift im interested in is the pittman, and thats because you never work more then 3 days in a row, and you get a 3 day weekend every over week.

Right now, our 8hr shift blows. We work 4 days, off two, 4 evenings, off two, then back to days, then evenings...every 3 months, there is one month of midnights. With this rotation, I see a "real weekend" every 6 weeks.

Right now, I'd just love to have a permement shift. I don't care if its 5 on 2 off, with tuesday and wednesday off. At least I wouldnt roatate and I could plan things without trying to work it out on an calander every time I want to do something.

I'm quite sick of the constant back and forth between shifts every week.
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