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Originally Posted by JohnnyReb View Post
We are looking into 12s at my jail, but I have some reservations about it. 12.5 hrs is a long time to be locked up with turds, and we don't have any kind of breaking system at my work. You are working from the second you step in, until you leave. I think it would get very mentally exhausting.
x2, this is the dangerous side of 12-hour shifts for street cops too. Anyone willing to bet you are less alert and officer safety (including self safety) may be lacking around hour 11.5? I think 10-hour shifts are the perfect compromise.

Gordon Graham (retired CHP, law enforcement risk management speaker, excellent guy) has said that CA agencies are big on 3x12's weekly schedules, but Graham has stats that show officers are more at risk working those longer hours. He proposes 14-hour shifts, 3 days a week. WHAT?! you might say, but wait there's more. During that 14 hours, you work 6... take a 2-hour break to refresh and recharge, for eating/workout/sleeping or whatever you want to do... then work another 6. You get 4 fixed days off every week. Not a bad idea, although I'm not sure if any departments have actually started doing that yet.
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