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Originally Posted by PSG View Post
Mr Graham , a quick question.

I switch barrels on my glock, stock 40 and Wolff 9 mm

Will this have any effect on the part ?

Quick review, I have always loved my glock for its fuction, it ability to group has alway left me wanting a little more.

I must have had the sloppiest slide lock glock as have produced.

Your slide lock has cut my groups in half.

Thought maybe it was a mind thing, switched out on the range.

Allowed some one else to shoot, as well as my self , right back to sloppy groups.

I am very pleased with this drop in part.
Thank you for your kind comments. To answer your question - yes, you can switch between stock and aftermarket barrels without problems.

And to all who have commented on my MGSL, thank you for both the kind words AND for the feedback. My best advertising is a satisfied client.
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