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Better than a crossbreed?

I recently ordered a holster from SHTF Gear(well, a few weeks ago). Its an ACE-1 for my G23. I just wanted to see if any of you guys have heard of or had experience with them? I was about to purchase another crossbreed , because I like the one I have for my J frame, but a friend of mine had an SHTF Gear for his XD sub and really liked it. I tested his out a bit and held it side by side tho the CBST, they are really close in general design but I liked the fact that I could get a good shooting grip on the gun and I saved a few bucks (Found a coupon code and got it for $60). I'm excited to get it so I can stop carrying with an old Uncle Mikes I had layin' around. (I hate uncle mikes holsters, but I just couldn't resist carrying my new G23).

You can find the holster I ordered at [URL=""]Here[/URL]

I just thought I'd share my new find with you guys and see if any others have had experience with them.
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