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Actually, I like Kingman. I have family there and often thought I would perhaps retire there. It's small town atmosphere without all the traffic and pollution of the valley. I think there are two Safeways, a Bashas and a Smiths. No malls, one movie theater. One bowling alley. A small JC Penneys and a small Sears. Oh, and of course, a Walmart!

It gets hot but it's about 10-15 cooler than Phoenix and at least it still cools off at night whereas here, it can still be 100 at midnight. Perhaps a couple of snowfalls per winter. Nothing you have to deal with for more than a couple of days.

You're only 15-20 minutes from the pines if you head up Walapai Mountain Road. 30-45 minutes from the lakes to the Northwest.

Don't know what the cost of living is. There are quite a few lower income level people there. Walmart is a lesson in humility.

Take a ride west. It's not too far from you.
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