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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
I will arrive at boot on 20110504

My current job is Advanced Electronics

I have an 8 yr contract with 6 active and 2 reserve, though i am hoping to go career!
So you will be an ET or FC. I am glad I didn't get to pick because I would have gone FC and didn't find out till later that ETs get WAY better shore duties. Both are excellent rates. I am ETSN as of the moment and will be ET3 in less than a month. Enjoy spending 12-18 months in Great Lakes IL. You could get really lucky and spend two extremely cold winters there like I did. If you have any questions on what to expect from boot camp, Great Lakes, and when you will actually advance E-4 PM me. Great Lakes is terrible but will be worth when you see how good our rate has it compared to the other ones.

BTW dont listen to ANYONE about ANYTHING who hasn't at least gone through boot camp.
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