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Once the unions are gone, your 30k/year job will become a 20k/year job.

The fact of the matter is, cities have been managing their budgets for years and years. Layoffs, pay freezes, furloughs, hiring freezes, and many other occasions where the unions and the cities work together. To say that any public union has bankrupted any local municipality is a plea to ignorance. Local governments, even state governments, cannot print money the way the federal government can, so if a municipality can't afford something, it doesn't happen, no matter how strong the union is.

To say your union dues go for nothing is nothing more than rhetoric. You work in a situation that has certain benefits and safety factors built in that were negotiated by your union. You are not afforded some of the benefits given to full time officers, and I disagree with that, but the truth is you are benefiting from working in a union shop whether you care to admit it or not.

I recognize that you are upset the union didn't/counldnt do more for you in your previous situation, and I think it has clouded your judgement on this.

You want to ***** about how much Columbus police make? How about how much I make? The truth of the matter is that we make the money we make because our respective cities can afford to pay us at these rates (refer to my above comment that cities can't pay more than they can afford). Now, thanks to changes in state laws, our cities are forced to give us massive pay cuts (20% in my case). Where exactly do you think this money is going?? Into your department?? Into public works?? Not likely, realistically many cities across the state are going to find themselves sitting on huge bank accounts and no one is going to really know what to do with all this money.

Hey.. You called me out..

Look at that, I'm angry again.
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