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I'm, with FiremmanMike on this one. Show me a right to work state, and I will show you a lower salary.

Now, I don't make near the wage, or benefits of any of the larger Ohio cities, and near the bottom of my county's sister agencies. Our contract is expired, and every time it ends up going to binding arbitration with a victory for labor.

I can also guaranty that any dollars saved on the labor will only cause the best officers to leave as they have continuously for the ten plus years I have worked there, and will still be spent by increasing the management paycheck. This is why when they were crying layoff, money was suddenly "found" when a forensic accountant was hired, but before they records were turned over.

BTW, I have always been for some sort of measurement of production, but this also assumes that the evaluations are done in a fair and consistent manner. This is something that SB 5 also assumes.

It is purely a shell game.
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