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Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
I knew you'd bite.

FYI my reference to "CPD" was Cincinnati, not Columbus; from the article the OP posted.

Otherwise I don't completely disagree with you except you missed the point of my post... the union publicly griping about cops getting lower pay pisses off those in the public who get much crappier pay AND who pay the salaries of said cops.

Oh and my reference to my $30k a year was intended to demonstrate how little I (and a lot of other non-union cops) make compared to some agencies... when I do the same job. More of one, actually. But then, I'd do this job for free, so why am I even beetching?
Is there a disparity between agencies, absolutely! Do I agree with it, no. This is a major problem with this state, and a particular problem that SB 5 will create for smaller departments.

The smaller departments already have more expensive insurance, and get paid less, so how will they be able to afford it when the premium goes up, by law? How will these smaller agencies be able to retain people when those people can make more by trucking? The answer is they will not, and they will begin to fold.

One of three things will happen, a greater demand on County Deputies, an expanded Highway Patrol, or a mix of both.
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