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Originally Posted by razdog76 View Post
I'm, with FiremmanMike on this one. Show me a right to work state, and I will show you a lower salary.
Texas is a right to work state. I am currently making $37k a year before OT. If the year continues to rock along at the rate it is going I will probably hit $40k. My agency is not at the top of the pay scale as far as the area is concerned.

APD pays a little less while in the academy but you will be over $50k with in a couple of years. Round Rock PD starts at $50k. The agencies around Houston and Dallas are in the mid to high 40s to start. For lower paying agencies as a rule they are the rural areas with almost no population base.

Round Rock, Austin, San Antonio and a few others have collective bargaining but for the most part it is non-existant.

FWIW I started in a small SO making $24,700 a year with no OT authorized. We had to take everything as Comp-Time. They paid pretty good for a small town.
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