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Originally Posted by Kahr_Glockman View Post
Texas is a right to work state. I am currently making $37k a year before OT. If the year continues to rock along at the rate it is going I will probably hit $40k. My agency is not at the top of the pay scale as far as the area is concerned.

APD pays a little less while in the academy but you will be over $50k with in a couple of years. Round Rock PD starts at $50k. The agencies around Houston and Dallas are in the mid to high 40s to start. For lower paying agencies as a rule they are the rural areas with almost no population base.

Round Rock, Austin, San Antonio and a few others have collective bargaining but for the most part it is non-existant.

FWIW I started in a small SO making $24,700 a year with no OT authorized. We had to take everything as Comp-Time. They paid pretty good for a small town.
Our top out is 47k, but I work mad OT too. Up until the last few years, much of it was mandatory to maintain minimum staffing... it is cheaper to pay OT, than to hire and train new staff, and the agency could never keep up with turnover.

BTW, forcing compensatory time is a Fair Labor Standards Act violation. The agency could prevent you from exceeding 40 hours/week, but it is your choice on how you receive your OT wage if the employer offers comp time.

As I mentioned earlier, the disparity in wage is terrible. The first full time commission I was offered paid 12.5/year, 11.5/year if I wanted medical.
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