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We're relatively new to the collective bargaining game. We've only had it since 2004, when it was granted to public safety employees in Lexington and Louisville. Fun fact: It was signed into law by a Republican governor.

I like to think that we have the opportunity to avoid a lot of the mistakes other unions have made over the years. The last thing we need is to end up like the UAW.

There has definitely been some overreach by unions, particularly other public employee unions like the teachers. They've definitely tied themselves too closely to the Democrats over the years and a lot of this union busting legislation is political pay- back by the GOP, pure and simple. I think cops and firefighters are being sucked into that tornado.

It doesn't help that Obama and the last Congress have run up the tab as far and as fast as they did which has given rise to the Tea Party. (Bush ran it up as well, but not like Obama.) I'll be the first to say that government has done too much for too long, but there are some things that government has to do, like provide for the rule of law. Whatever government undertakes to do, they should do well. That includes compensating the people who undertake the work.

I'll be the first to agree that the smart thing to do is keep a low profile and complaining about pay in public during these tough times is in poor taste, to say the least. But the amount of money CPD officers are being hit for an "administration fee" is nuts. $4.90 out of $31.00 an hour is almost 16%. No way is that equitable to the man hours spent by the city to coordinate the off- duty assignments.

What's ironic is that CPD just finished a round of negotiations and got a new contract. Why wasn't this on the table then? Instead it looks like the city searched for and found a way to do an end run around the contract and stick it to their employees. Good faith is required on both sides and the city is violating that.
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