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What's ironic is that CPD just finished a round of negotiations and got a new contract. Why wasn't this on the table then? Instead it looks like the city searched for and found a way to do an end run around the contract and stick it to their employees. Good faith is required on both sides and the city is violating that.
This touches another point of contention I have, while I can completely understand economic hardship, it seems very rare that any municipality does. It is exactly like budgeting monthly bills, if the electric bill is high, you figure out why, and adjust spending.

Instead, the emphasis seems to be to lower the priority to public safety, and redirect it to pet projects with a return return that risks stability.

In this sense, public safety is being treated exactly as the private sector because labor costs are variable. However, by doing this it does not appear to improve areas as far as living conditions, and potential for development.
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