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The reason for having a public safety union is to be able to advocate for wage, benefits, maintain due process, and to counter unfair labor practices. Having people pay their fair share is a necessary part of paying for attorneys, and other costs to accomplish those missions regardless of whether the employee wants/is able to join the union.

IMHO, MeefZah does have a beef when the union will not represent him because he is not a full time employee. While his union is taking his fair share, they are not satisfying any of the objectives.

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...but I'm here to tell you, I work a non-union police job and I make $30,000 a year.

I work a second part time gig (for the state police) to make ends meet... and at that gig I'm made to pay the FOP $50 / month, but they refuse to provide me with any union services because I'm a part time employee. So I have to pay in, but I get nothing for it. So in that case, the union is "extorting" me.
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