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Originally Posted by razdog76 View Post

IMHO, MeefZah does have a beef when the union will not represent him because he is not a full time employee. While his union is taking his fair share, they are not satisfying any of the objectives.

The thing is, I pay the dues without complaint. I mean, I griped on here, but that was because of the extreme irony of the FOP saying "it isn't fair that the city of Cincinnati takes $5 / hr from these officers and gives them nothing in return" while simultaneously saying "it's perfectly fair for the FOP to take $50 / month from MeefZah and every other part time state cop and give them nothing in return". I mean, WTF?

As far as Mike's comment that there are unseen benefits to working in a union shop, okay, under ordinary circumstances I'd give him that. But in this case the only benefit I get is the little placard to go on my license plate (cool, man!) and the hourly rate of pay which was negotiated with the union. Oh, and I have to buy the placard. I am an "ETA" employee meaning I am essentially always on probation, thus making my employment forever at-will. I have no due process. I have no raises - my base rate of pay is what I will make, forever, as an ETA; unless there are cost-of living raises. Hell, the union even specifically negotiated that ETA's don't get bulletproof vests. You have to be full time to get one. Now, having said that, the state hires their full time from their ETA, so for most guys, it's a temporary thing. In my case, I only want it as a part time job, so I really get nothing out of the deal.
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