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I just wanted to post these two loads here, as they are my favorites so far with Blue Dot.

Perfect Target Load:
-Used brass
-CCI 300 primers
-Blue Dot 10.3-10.4gr
-180gr FMJ (I used local Magnus 180gr FMJ-TC)
-Exceptional accuracy, nice Goldilocks load, not too hot, not too cold.

My carry load:
-Once-fired brass (new would be better)
-CCI 300 primers
-Blue Dot 12.9gr
-Hornady 155gr XTP
-Awesome load, incredibly accurate, nice and hot, serious BD flash and bang. Maybe not the best for nighttime use, but I'd sure run like hell if I saw a 3 foot fireball coming at me!!!

Please be careful with these loads, especially the second one. Start lower, be safe.
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