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Originally Posted by g29guy View Post
I just received my 10mm 180 grain truncated cone flat point hard cast bullets.
Ill be using a KKM 4.75" barrel with a g29 and 23# spring.
Im looking for an accurate load for target/hunting without going close to nuclear. Any BlueDot recipies that you'all have been using or advice on hard cast loads with Blue Dot? I'm new to cast reloading. Am I alright just using FMJ info minus 10% and working my way up?

Starline brass
CCI 300 primers
180 grain TC HardCast

P.S. I have 800X for hot loads, Just looking for fun/accurate loads at the range or smaller game hunting with BD.
So far I'm reading that 9.0 grains of BD puts 180 grain Hard Cast at about 1050 fps and is a great plinking/target load that isn't rough on brass. I know I could go alot higher but My original post was for a target/hunting load. Ill be experimenting with higher velocities using 800x.

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