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10MM 180 grain Truncated Cone Flat Point test results

Went to the range today. I was able to work up 9.0-9.8 grains of Blue Dot on the press. I wanted to go further but ran out of time. Ill continue on up later.

No signs of any stress or leading out of my KKM 4.75" barrel, 23# recoil spring. No failures either.
Recoil jumped at the 9.8 load but brass and accuracy were great.
Definitely a loud flashy dirty powder, but great to get turned heads at the range(especially out of a 29, big bang in a small package)

I just wish I could get more published data for hard cast ammo.

CCI 300 primers
New Starline brass
180 grain Truncated Cone Flat HardCast bullets
1.256 OAL
9.0-9.8 Blue Dot

Thanks For all your feedback and sugestions

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