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Originally Posted by Jitterbug View Post
I've found it's always best to START at the lowest published data or very close to it after finding at least two sources of published data by what I consider to be reputable sources, bullet manufacturer, powder manufacturer or Lyman.

I think Lee publishes data, but I'm not familiar with it.

Over the past weekend I was at Sportsman's Warehouse and they had those One load/One Book manuals for about $8.00 each. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to pick one up for each caliber I load, they're only about $8.00 each and can be found at Midway. And I ALWAYS get two sources, not just one.

So I STRONGLY suggest confirmation of what you find in any manual, the data is constantly being updated and typo's do happen. Often before starting a load, I'll have three or more published sources...then get confirmation and remarks from a reloading forum.

g29, I've had good luck with AA7 in 10mm, my plinking load is 8.8 gr. - 9.0 of AA#7 under a 180 gr. Missouri Bullet 180 gr. TCBB. This is a mild load, I was trying to find the mildest load I could, attempting to duplicate a .45acp load. It's a good outdoor load, and due to the lube a bit smokey in doors, but no flash and it cleans up easily, not to mention accurate in my gun.

The Accurate Arms manual can be downloaded in PDF format from their website, as well as many others.

In the future I intend on trying out some AA#9 for 180 XTP's. AA#9 seems to give more velocity at the same pressure from what I've read.

As always what works in my gun may not work in yours so please verify and always use manufacturer START data.

Good luck!
I need to get me a caliber specific book too. I own a speer reloading book and borrow or copy info out of my fathers books as a precaution.
I agree on the starting levels of any caliber unless you are familiar with the load.
The trouble I'm having is finding several good sources of data on hardcast or lead. I might find a good source for a 180 grain bullet but then have to compare with a couple of 175 grain bullet loads.

I'm open to trying different powders. Next time I see AA#9 ill pick up a pound and see. I hand weigh all my loads so metering isn't a problem, but having several different recipes helps to keep range time fun and interesting.
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