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I just bought one. It was made in March of this year. I like it a lot. I've only shot 88 rounds through it but it's been flawless so far.

It's really well made and it shoots well too, in spite of it's tiny size.

I had heard some mixed reviews with some people having very negative experiences with their guns. However, these guns seem to be very popular at my local shop. They had a bunch out on display when i first started shopping around for a P238. I came back a week later and 2 or 3 of them were already sold. The clerk said that it was a fairly popular item. I'm guessing that Sig has ironed out the bugs with these pistols. They've been in production for a while now.

It's a really cool gun. I was originally looking at a Kel Tec P32 and a Ruger LCP, but I opted for the P238. It seems like a more durable pocket pistol and it's almost the same size as the LCP. Also, it is very comfortable to shoot the all metal pistol. The recoil is really light and it's easy to rack the slide on the little P238. The sights are nice and visible, and the gun is really nicely finished.

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