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Originally Posted by Roughedgekid View Post
It would be nice to have a 5.7 glock the size of a 23 and ammo around 10 bucks a box. I guess I should wake up now.
As the OP, I guess it's my right to chime in a few weeks shy of the first anniversary of the inauguration of the 5.7x28 club/subforum and this, its earliest thread.

In the meantime, my friend sold his 5.7 FN pistol, but kept the carbine. Have not had a chance for a second outing.

And I notice that FN keeps dropping a lot of money on gunzine print advertisement for the pistol. (Funny -- they never push High Power ads at all......!) So I guess that FN is selling a large number of the pistols?

Roughedgekid's comment was thought-provoking. Why hasn't some other manufacturer chambered a quality firearm in 5.7x28 that doesn't cost almost $1000? Does such a market niche exist?

I wish I understood more regarding the production costs of mass-produced firearms......
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